The CNAPS code, which means “China National Automatic Payment System” in Chinese 中国现代化支付系统号, is assigned to all banks in China, including foreign banks. The CNAPS code is twelve digits long. For example, code 50122200000017 for the bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Co. Dalian, 香港上海汇丰银行有限公司大连分行.

Through its implementation, the Chinese Central Bank aimed to make the processing of domestic payments in Renminbi more efficient between banks and to facilitate international banking exchanges. The CNAPS

is divided into two subsystems :
  • The CNAPS-HVPS (High-Value Payment System), which covers about 800 cities in China,
  • The CNAPS-BEPS (Bulk-Entry Payment System).

Information in the transfer order of the CNAPS Code is now mandatory for payments to mainland China.

We pointed out its importance in this article on Chinese banking and remittance models in China.

Bank of China –CNAPS Codes list, 中国现代化支付系统号

The CNAPS Code does not replace the Swift code  and is an essential complement for transfers in China.

To obtain a CNAPS code, the best way is to ask your Chinese supplier, or better yet, the bank of your Chinese supplier, but with a difficulty, to make yourself understood with your interlocutors because of the language barrier.

To help you, we have listed all bank Chinese bank CNAPS Codes on our website :

List of CNAPS Codes for Mainland China

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