Chinese Nice Classification Classe 23 (Goods)

Please find Chinese Nice Classification Classe 23 :

Chinese Nice Classification Classe 23 (Goods)

Serial No.
Basic No.
Indication of Goods
中文繁體 中文簡體
C0393 230031 Chenille yarn 繩絨線 绳绒线
C0696 230006 Coir thread and yarn 椰子殼纖維製線和紗 椰子壳的纤维线
C0951 230002 Cotton thread and yarn 棉花製線和紗 棉花线和纱
D0013 230015 Darning thread and yarn 縫補線和紗 缝补线和纱
E0054 230019 Elastic thread and yarn for textile use 織物用鬆緊帶線和紗 织物用的松紧带线与纱
E0109 230003 Embroidery thread and yarn 刺繡用線和紗 刺绣用线和纱
F0107 230017 Fiberglass thread for textile use 織物用玻璃纖維線 织物用玻璃纤维线
F0121 230017 Fibreglass thread for textile use 織物用玻璃纖維線 织物用玻璃纤维线
H0189 230005 Hemp thread and yarn 麻線和紗 麻线和纱
J0071 230011 Jute thread and yarn 黃麻和紗 黄麻和纱
L0240 230013 Linen thread and yarn 亞麻線和紗 亚麻线和纱
R0086 230014 Rayon thread and yarn 人造絲線和紗 人造丝线和纱
R0358 230018 Rubber thread for textile use 織物用橡皮線 织物用橡皮线
S0273 230009 Sewing thread and yarn 裁縫線和紗 裁缝线和纱
S0455 230007 Silk thread and yarn 絲線和紗 丝线和纱
S0786 230008 Spun cotton 棉紗 棉纱
S0787 230016 Spun silk 絹絲紗 绢丝纱
S0789 230010 Spun thread and yarn 人造纖維紗 人造纤维纱
S0790 230012 Spun wool 羊毛紡紗 羊毛纺纱
T0206 230001 Thread * 線* 线*
T0218 230020 Threads of plastic materials for textile use 織物用的塑膠材料線 织物用的塑料材料线
W0337 230012 Wool (Spun –) 羊毛紡紗 羊毛纺纱
W0345 230004 Woollen thread and yarn 粗紡毛紗 粗纺毛纱
W0354 230012 Worsted 精紡毛紗 精纺毛纱
Y0002 230001 Yarn * 紗* 纱*

For more information : International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services

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