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Internships are arranged by both the school and the company and are often the first moments of working life and the first work experience of the intern.

It comes highly recommended to carry out regular reviewing between the intern and his/her tutor (also called internship supervisor, or mentor) all along the time of the internship, as well as a written assessment at the middle of the internship.

Free example evaluation letter of an intern by a company
Downloadable sample letter to assess an intern from the internship supervisor

You can find below a letter written by the HR department of the company together with the internship supervisor, assessing how well the intern has worked. The letter is to be submitted to the person in charge of internships at the school or university.

Sample letter for the assessment of an intern :

<on company letterhead>


Care of the internship coordinator

<recipient name : name of the school/university>

<their contact information>

Name of intern : <name and firstname>

Attached document: copy of the internship mid-term review

Dear < first name and name of the recipient / the person you are writing to>

Your student <firstname and name> has started his final internship in our company, as a <job>.

< He/she> has proved motivated and started work efficiently. Both his attitude and technical skills fit the position we hired < him/her> for.

Therefore, this mid-term review is positive and we are sure that <firstname>‘s investment will remain unaltered until the end of <his / her> training.

A mid-term assessment interview has been organized between <firstname>, <his / her> internship supervisor, and the company recruitment officer, to evaluate the quality of  <his / her> work and inform < him/her>, as well as suggest improvements for the time to come.

Please find attached a copy of the mid-term written evaluation.

If I can provide you with any additional information, or if you have any questions regarding <firstname> ‘s work with this department, please do not hesitate to contact me.


<your firstname and name>

<your position in the company / departement>


To use and personalize this intern assessment letter sample, you just have to copy-paste the text of this article in your word processor (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer), or in your email program.

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