Template certificate of attendance to free download

Every year thousands of students go abroad to study under the Erasmus program. This allows students from one country to discover a new culture and obtain a degree in a foreign school or university. In 2016, 303,880 students participated in the Erasmus program.

Students receive an attendance certificate which is completed and signed at the end of the mobility. Please find below an example:

Example certificate of attendance to free download
Download a certificate of attendance

Attendance certificate

Academic year <To completed>

<To completed> program

Host institution

Name of institution: <To completed>

Erasmus Code (/ if relevant): <To completed>

Country: <To completed>

Mobility type

Student mobility for studies (SMS) Yes/no (1) Student mobility for placements (SMP) Yes/no (1)
Staff mobility for teaching assignments (STA) Yes/no (1) Staff mobility for training (STT) Yes/no (1)


We hereby confirm that Ms/Mr <Name and surname to completed> coming from the institution <Erasmus code> has performed an Erasmus mobility in our institution/company.

Place: <To completed>

Date: <To completed>

Name and position of the authorized person at the host institution/company: <To completed>

Stamp of the institution / company: <To completed>


To use and personalize this certificate of attendance, you just have to copy-paste the text of this article in your word processor (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer). You can download the template here: certificate of attendance – PDF format and certificate of attendance – Word format.

(1): delete as appropriate

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