Template ethical commitment letter for free download

“SA 8000” is a social responsibility standard that promotes decent working conditions. It allows companies to oblige subcontractors to respect a minimum of social standards. For example, the SA 8000 is a social responsibility standard that promotes decent working conditions:

  • Child labor,
  • Forced labor,
  • Hygiene,
  • Security,
  • Combating discrimination.
Template ethical commitment letter
Sample ethical commitment letter for free download

Companies that want to obtain the SA 8000 standard have all their suppliers sign an ethical letter of commitment. They are most often large groups. Please find attached an example:

Ethical commitment letter sample

<On company letterhead>

<Date of the day>

<Company name>


Subject: <Company name> social responsibilities standards SA 8000

Dear Sirs,

Building long-term relationships with suppliers based on transparency and mutual respect are key values for <Company name>.

We actively seek out and favor business partners who share our values and our ethical commitment. We are committed to supporting suppliers in meeting our Social responsibilities standards while having the courage to end the relationship with those of them who do not meet them.

As a supplier of <Company name>, we expect you to comply at the minimum with your local legislation with regards to labor standards, including working hours and wages as well as to the specifics that are listed here below:

  • All your employees must be at least 16 years old (or over) ;
  • No forced or bonded labor of any type (with the exception of prison labor where it is the prisoner’s decision to work who is paid therefore a wage according to the market, and only with our written agreement) ;
  • Safe working and living conditions [if applicable] must be provided to your employees;
  • Employee’s freedom of association must be respected ;
  • All forms of discrimination must be avoided.

We are also expecting you to ensure that your own suppliers respect these standards, for which you will be directly accountable.

By becoming a supplier of <Company name>, you also agree that we may commission labour standard audits to be carried out at your side, by a certified independent third party.

Yours faithfully


<Name and first name>


To use and personalize this ethical commitment letter sample, you just have to copy-paste the text of this article in your word processor (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer), or in your email program.


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