Sample attendance sheet for a training session to download for free.

An attendance sheet is a document to justify the presence of employees in a training course. It is a legal obligation and must be signed each day by the trainees. At the end of the training session, the document is signed by the instructor.

Late arrivals and absences must be reported. In addition, to avoid any risk of forgetting, the trainer is advised to have the document signed at the beginning of the day. The funding agencies will ask for this document to financially support the training and reimburse the company. It is, therefore, an essential document not to be misplaced.

The required information that must be present on the document are:

  • Contact details of the training center,
  • Precise designation of the training course with its level (beginner, advanced, etc.),
  • Names, first names, and signatures of the trainees for each day or half-day,
  • Dates and times of the training.
  • Name, first name, and Signature of the trainer with the Date of the day,
  • The place of the activity.
Sample attendance sheet to download for free
Download in Word and Excel an attendance sheet for training

Below is a standard model in different formats (Text, Word, Excel, and PDF) that you can customize to your liking:

<Training center>
<Training Center Contact Information>


Company (if all trainees are from the same company): <To be completed>,

Hours: <To be completed>,

Designation of the training: <To be completed>,

Name and surname of the training facilitator: <To be completed>.


Trainees: First and last name – Company

/  /

/  /

/  /

/  /

/  /

Trainee 1
Trainee 2
Trainee 3
Trainee 4
Trainee 5

Date: <Date of day>,

Location: <To be completed>,

Signature of training facilitator: <Signature>.

To use and customize this training attendance sheet template, “Copy & Paste” the text from this article into your Word processor (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer). You can also download our free template in PDF format: Attendance sheet template pdf format or Word format: Attendance sheet template Word format and Excel: Attendance sheet template Excel format.

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