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Even though many hotel room reservations are now carried out via automated methods on the Internet, you may need to write an email, a letter or a fax to make a reservation and this goes for group bookings as well. Besides, not all hotels, especially traditional ones, are listed on online platforms such as Booking or Tripadvisor, as the fees they charge are quite high.

If you phone the hotel to get information, note the name and first name of the person who is taking your reservation, and also note them on the reservation letter.

Furthermore, it is essential to ask the hotel to send you a written confirmation in return, which will confirm receipt of your request and give the details of your reservation. This is the way you can engage the responsibility of the hotel in case there is a problem.

Downloadable template hotel room reservation
Free example hotel room reservation

You can find below a template for a hotel reservation letter :

Template for a hotel reservation letter

<On company letterhead>


<Name of the hotel>

<Hotel contact information>

Dear <Name and first name of the person you are writing to>

As I am currently planning a business trip in <City or town>, I wish to book an en-suite / single / double / twin room (1) for <Number> nights, from <Month> <Day number> <Year> (arrival day) to  <Month> <Day number> (check-out day).

Could you please confirm the reservation by email / by fax / by telephone (1), and indicate the room price.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

<Name and first name>


To use and personalize this template for a hotel room reservation, you just have to copy-paste the text of this article in you word processor (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer), or in your email program.

(1) : delete as appropriate

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