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Economic indexes

Economic indexes

Download the latest values of the primary French and international indices

Economic indexes measure the economic activity of a country. They are used as indexation support for commercial and real estate contracts :

The Syntec index for engineering and IT projects,

Real estate indexes: BT01, ILAT, housing rent index and construction cost index,

Bank identifiers are essential for international financial transactions with Swift Codes and Cnaps Codes.

Salary scales and conventional allowances

Download the salary scales of your collective agreement for 2024

Like the SMIC, collective agreements set minimum wages according to the coefficient assigned and seniority within the company:

The essential elements of a collective agreement,

How to buy a collective agreement online for your business?

List of collective agreements applicable in France,

Minimum wages in the civil service,

The latest salary grids 2024
Minimum wage grids
Human Resources

Human Resources

Sample letters and practical tools for Human Resources and Recruitment

The Human Resources function is the keystone for the harmonious development of companies and administrations:

Numerous models of employment contracts to download,

How to recruit a new employee?

Templates for warning letters, annual appraisal interviews, and internal rules for life in the company,

Samples cover letters and letters of recommendation to help you find a job.

Commercial law

Numerous examples of commercial contracts, letters, general terms and conditions of purchase and sale, and confidentiality agreements.

Real Estate

Real estate law with many sample letters, releases, leases, and meeting minutes for tenants and landlords.

Learn more about real estate

Company law

Trademark law, model articles of association, powers of attorney for legal formalities and associations, and examples of general meeting minutes

Practical pages

Advice and practical information with simulation and decision support tools that are essential for the daily life of companies.

Many document templates to free download

How to download a template?

Simply copy and paste the text into your word processor or email program to download a sample letter or certificate. We offer you directly a template in Word or PDF format for some articles.

Letter templates

Free letter templates for private and professional correspondence, with many customizable letter templates to download.


Examples of attestations on honor, for work, attendance in training, internship, leave of absence, donation receipt, mission, non-polygamy, non-alcohol, insurance, and COVID-19 to download for free.

Law courses

Sample text commentaries and legal essays as part of your law school studies.

Read more …


The main rules around taxation and social security contributions (Urssaf) with many model letters and documents to download for private or professional use.


Our advice and sample letters on insurance for individuals and professionals: automobile, travel, medical, fire, theft, flood, life insurance contract, business interruption, and professional liability.


Examples of letters to send to the bank: direct debits, contestation of abusive bank charges, loan refusal, deposit, and reimbursement of fraudulent entries.

Legal system

Find many models of letters with the judicial institution, prosecutor, and your lawyer for personal or professional use.

Family law

Main rules of family law, contentious procedures, and many letter templates about divorce, alimony, and child custody.

Payroll and social contributions

Rules for drawing up the employee’s payslip, updated bases and rates for calculating social security contributions, contribution exemptions, and comparisons of existing payroll solutions on the market.

Swift Codes

Download the Swift Codes and BIC Codes of banks in France and abroad for free.


Find the primary Cerfa forms of the French administration to download for your daily procedures.


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