Model of attestation of reception of a foreigner

The administration usually requires a reception certificate for a prolonged stay of a foreigner. The terms and conditions vary depending on the nationality, country, and length of stay of the person being hosted.

In our example, a Cambodian international student comes to study in France to validate a visa request. The association director agreed to write him a letter of welcome to allow him to go to France.

It’s advisable to indicate in the document that all the expenses of the welcomed person will be taken in charge to obtain a positive answer from the administration.

Purchase of an insurance policy is recommended. It must cover all medical and hospital expenses, including social assistance and the entire duration of the stay of the hosted foreigner. It’s also recommended to include proof of residence of the host person (electricity, water, telecommunications bill, rent receipt, insurance certificate, tax notice, or property tax).

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Below is an example of a certificate of reception that can be personalized to any other situation:

Example of attestation of reception for a foreign student

< On association letterhead>


< Administration’s contact information>



Subject: certificate of reception
Enclosure: Electricity bill and passport copy

Madam, Sir,

I, the undersigned, <Name and first Name>, <Function in the association> of <Name of the association>, certify on my honor that <Name of the association> vouches for the total duration of the stay of Mr / Mrs (*) <Name and first Name> born on <Date of birth> in <Place of birth> and of nationality <To be completed>, during his stay in France from <Start date of stay> to <End date of stay>.

The association has taken out an insurance policy with the company <Insurance company> to cover the possible hospitalization expenses of Mr / Mrs (*) <Name and first Name> during his stay in <Country> for several costs of <Figure> euros.

During his stay, Mr / Mrs (*) <Name and first Name> will be accommodated at the following Address: <Address, postal code, and city>.

We thank you for granting him/her (*) a visa for this stay.

The association will pay all expenses.

Yours sincerely.

<Name and surname>
<President of the association>

To serve and argues that law,

Signature and stamp association.

(*) delete as appropriate.

To use and personalize this model of attestation of reception of a foreigner, you have to copy-paste the text of this article in your word processor (Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer) or your email program. Please find enclosed our models in different formats certificate of reception – PDF format and certificate of reception – Word format.

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