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The website brings together specialists in law and finance with the common denominator of “sharing our knowledge and making it accessible to all.”

The team:

The editorial team:

La rédaction du site JuristiqueThe editorial staff of the website brings together specialists in law, human resources, and taxation to meet companies’ needs. We regularly publish articles of substance and current events.


Élisa rédacteur du site juristiqueI have a Master’s degree in criminal law from the University of Rennes 1. I am very involved in the defense of fundamental rights and incarceration conditions. I am currently studying to finalize my training as a criminal lawyer.


Laurence rédacteur du site juristiqueSpecializing in social law, I write cover letters and enhance the Curriculum Vitae of job seekers. I also intervene in companies to reinforce and dynamize the human resources policy.


Pascal rédacteur du site juristiqueAs a specialist in finance and taxation, I share my knowledge and experience on the website.

Our common goals:

  • Continue to improve the quality and accessibility of our publications,
  • Expand the themes of the site to other universes,
  • To be able to deliver multilingual versions of our articles to expand our audience further,
  • Listen to our readers.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you want to write and share? If so, join us!

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Editorial team

The editorial staff of the Juristique website brings together specialists in law, human resources, and taxation. We regularly publish models of certificates, letters, contracts, and conventional salary scales to meet the needs of companies. We also publish articles on legal news and banking indices such as SWIFT Codes and CNAPS Codes for international transfers.