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An attestation of financial support is generally required when applying for a VISA to study in a foreign country. This is the case, for example, in Quebec (Canada), whereas a parent, we have engaged in writing to cover all our child’s expenses during their studies (tuition fees, living expenses, care, etc.).

Immigration authorities require the attestation. Please note that it is often one of the elements used to assess the financial guarantees needed. It must be accompanied by a copy of bank statements and salary slips to obtain a positive response to the visa application.

Official certificate of financial support
Download a sample certificate of financial support

The requirements for proof of financial aid may vary from country to country or from institution to institution. Therefore, it is essential to determine the specific requirements before issuing this attestation.

Example of a certificate of financial support

<First name and surname>
<Your contact details>
<Home phone/cell phone/email>

Subject: letter of financial support

Student or minor child: <First name and surname of student>,

Nationality: <To be completed>,

Born (1) on <Date of birth> in <Town of birth (Zip code)>,

I, the undersigned,

Surname and first name of the person taking charge of the student: <First name and surname>,

Born (1) on <Date of birth> in <Town of birth (Zip code)>,

Resident at: <Address to be completed>,

Nationality: <To be completed>.

I hereby undertake to assume all costs relating to the study stay in <Country> of the student identified above, specifically:

  • Tuition fees,
  • Health expenses,
  • Repatriation expenses,
  • Accommodation costs at the following address: <Address to be completed>.

<City>, on <Date of day>,
Made to serve and be worth what is right,
<First name and surname>,

(1): Delete as appropriate.

Download a sample certificate of financial support:

You can freely download, print and complete our template for a student abroad in PDF format here:

Attestation of financial support in PDF format

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