Cnaps Codes Rural commercial banks 农村商业银行 – page 34

List of all Chinese Cnaps Codes Rural commercial banks credit cooperatives 农村商业银行 信用社, 中国现代化支付系统号, China National Automatic Payment System, for payments to Continental china :

List Cnaps Codes Rural commercial banks credit cooperatives 农村商业银行 信用社 – page 34

Cnaps Code 银行名 Bank Name
402901000015 塔城市农村信用联社营业部 Tower City Rural Credit Sales
402901200017 额敏县农村信用联社 Emin County Rural Credit
402901300139 乌苏市农村信用合作联社 Wusu Rural Credit Cooperative Union
402901400010 沙湾县农村信用联社营业部 Shawan County Rural Credit Sales
402901500019 托里县农村信用社中心社 Toli County Rural Credit Cooperatives Central Office
402901600183 裕民县哈拉布拉信用社 Yumin County Credit Union Halabula
402901700012 和布克赛尔县农村信用社中心社 Hoboksar County Rural Credit Cooperatives Central Office
402902000017 阿勒泰市农村信用社 Altay rural credit cooperatives
402902200010 布尔津县农村信用联社 Burqin County Rural Credit
402902300019 富蕴县农村信用联社 Fuyun County Rural Credit
402902400100 福海县农村信用联社 Fuhai County Rural Credit
402902500012 哈巴河县农村信用联社 Habahe County Rural Credit
402902600013 青河县农村信用联社 Green River County Rural Credit
402902700014 吉木乃县农村信用联社 Jimunai County Rural Credit
402902800015 新疆石河子市农村信用联社营业部 Shihezi rural credit cooperatives Sales
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