Zip Code abbreviations used in the U.S

Below Zip Code abbreviations (for example, “DE” for DELAWARE state or “MO” for MISSOURI) used in the U.S to send an error-free letter:

List of Zip Code abbreviations of the states used in the USA

Alabama AL Missouri MO
Alaska AK Montana MT
Arizona AZ Nebraska NE
Arkansas AR Nevada NV
California CA New Hampshire NH
Colorado CO New Jersey NJ
Connecticut CT New Mexico NM
Delaware DE New York NY
District of Columbia DC North Carolina NC
Florida FL North Dakota ND
Georgia GA Ohio OH
Hawaii HI Oklahoma OK
Idaho ID Oregon OR
Illinois IL Pennsylvania PA
Indiana IN Rhode Island RI
Iowa IO South Carolina SC
Kansas KS South Dakota SD
Kentucky KY Tennessee TN
Louisiana LA Texas TX
Maine ME Utah UT
Maryland MD Vermont VT
Massachusetts MA Virginia VA
Michigan MI Washington WA
Minnesota MN West Virginia WV
Mississippi MS Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY

Note: Some new business addresses may now have an additional number following the standard 5-digit zip code number. These numbers should be used on all correspondence.


  • Iowa State University
  • Ames, I0 50011


  • University of Kansas
  • Lawrence, KS 66045-2140


  • Michigan State University
  • East Lansing, MI 48824-1035
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