BT01 Index for June 2022 published officially

The BT01 Index for June 2022 was published in the official journal on 08/13/2022.

The value of the BT01 Index for June 2022 is 127.2 to 117.5 in June 2021, an annual increase of 8.26 % over 12 rolling months. The June index is up +0.63% from the previous month (126.4 in May 2022).

BT01 index variation table for June 2022

Index BT01
June 2022
Index BT01
May 2022
Index BT01
June 2021
Value of BT01 index 127.2 126.4 117.5
Variation in % compared to the base Up 0.63 % Up 8.26 %

Official source: Insee.

Our index evolution table for 2022 has been updated here: BT01 Index 2022.

Official BT01 Index
Publication of BT01 Index for June 2022

The BT01 Index (base 100 in 2010) measures changes in the cost of factors of production in the building industry (salaries and expenses, cost of materials, energy, etc.). It is the official reference for updating and revising construction contract prices.

The Index is published each month by INSEE with a 3-month delay. It thus succeeds the Index of the building and public works (bases 1974 and 1975), which was stopped. Most companies working in the various construction trades (electricity, painting, masonry, etc.) are concerned with the BT01 Index.

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