Lula: How to stop the war in Ukraine if nobody wants to talk about peace?

The policy of the Brazilian Lula is surprising for the moment.

These statements are unambiguously not frankly pro-American, and Brazil reaffirms its membership in the BRICS bloc without question.

What did President Lula say?

If everyone talks about war, then there can be no peace.

He said that everyone wants peace, except the United States and the European Union, which is under the thumb of the USA.

He said that when Germany asked him to deliver missiles to Germany to help Ukraine, he said no because it is not by having more weapons that a peaceful settlement would be reached.

Lula’s latest remarks show the major split that is taking place in the world, and at this rate, it is not Russia that will be isolated, but the United States and Europe cut off from the rest of the world.

Interview with Brazilian President Lula on the war in Ukraine

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