Christine Lagarde trapped by Russian “Vovan and Lexus”

Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) since July 2, 2019, was tricked by the Russians Vovan and Lexus, who impersonated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky :

The digital euro: a tool for enslaving the European people

One of the most exciting parts of the interview is the one about the digital euro.

Christine Lagarde admits in front of the camera that the objective of the digital euro is to allow better control of the population. She cites the example of the ceiling that will be lowered to 300 euros from the current limit of 1,000 euros for cash payments under the justification of the fight against terrorism.

Video of Christine Lagarde trapped by Vovan and Lexus
Fake interview of Christine Lagarde by Vovan and Lexus

Christine Lagarde also confirms that with the digital euro, it will be difficult, if possible, to trade with unfriendly countries like China, Iran, and Russia. A state in the currency zone, for example, Germany, that would like to change its energy policy and buy gas from Russia would not be able to do so with the digital euro.

We can only thank Wowan and Lexus for bringing to light the fundamental objectives of the ECB, not to protect the savings of European citizens but to enslave them with even stricter financial control.

The complete interview of Christine Lagarde by the Russians Vovan and Lexus

The complete interview of Christine Lagarde by Vovan and Lexus

Vovan and Lexus vs Christine Lagarde

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  1. Ah, ah, frankly too funny, the beginning with the compliments on the physique of the lady, otherwise, yes, with Christine LAGARDE we go directly towards a dictatorship of the euro. Something that has never been seen in the history of humanity. Thanks to the two Russian bloggers.

  2. Auch wenn es den Politikern in Deutschland nicht paßt, aber die Wahrheit läßt sich nur eine gewisse Zeit lang unterdrücken. Lügen werden durch Wiederholung nicht wahr.

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