François Hollande trapped by the Russians “Vovan and Lexus”

After Christine Lagarde, it is the turn of François Hollande, ex-president of the French Republic, to be trapped by the Russians Vovan and Lexus, who pretended to be the ex-president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko :

The video was published in André Bercoff’s show on Sud Radio. Please find the full video (in French) :

The most disgusting moments of the interview with François Hollande

The Minsk agreements

François Hollande once again confirms that the Minsk agreements were signed not to respect them to spare deaths on both sides in the internal conflict in Ukraine but to allow the Ukrainian army to prepare for the war against Russia. Recall that the war in the Donbas before the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory in February 2022 had already caused 14,000 deaths.

Minsk agreements
Guarantors of the Minsk agreements

Let’s also remember that these agreements had been signed by France and Germany, which were required to enforce them. It is surprising that from now on, France is no longer taken seriously in international relations.

The Reconquest of Crimea

While the Ukrainian army is gradually losing the war, François Hollande indicates that the objectives must go as far as the reconquest of Crimea, 70% of which is Russian. And that to achieve this, it is necessary to send more and more weapons.

The war to the last Ukrainian

The war has already left 200,000 to 300,000 dead on the Ukrainian side. No, that’s not enough. We must push this conflict to the last Ukrainian. This is what François Hollande wants, which says a lot about the human values of this character, who is also a socialist.

Vovan and Lexus vs François Hollande

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  1. This man is horrible. Thank you to the Russians for understanding François Hollande and restoring the truth about the war in Ukraine.


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