Volodymyr Zelensky rents his Italian villa for €50,000 to Russians

While in France, the media world is attacking Ségolène Royal, for having dared to cast doubt on Ukrainian war propaganda, President Volodymyr Zelensky is busy with his real estate business and has managed to rent his Italian villa to a Russian couple for August for the modest sum of 50,000 euros.

The villa, located in the seaside town of “Forte Dei Marmi” in Tuscany, was purchased by Zelensky for four million euros while the Ukrainian leader was still an actor. There is nothing scandalous that Volodymyr Zelensky is busy conducting his business while Ukrainian soldiers are dying by the thousands in the offensive in Kherson.

This is his private life, and it is as respectable as any other world citizen.

How to visit Zelensky's Italian villa?
Volodymyr Zelensky rents his Italian villa for €50,000 to Russians

No, what is more annoying in this case is that the same Volodymyr Zelensky demands that Russian tourists be refused entry to the European Union. At the same time, he continues to rent out his villa to Russian acquaintances.

The information appeared in English here: Zelensky Rents His Italian Villa to Russians For 50,000 Euros While Urging Italy Not To Take Russian Tourists.

Let’s also remember that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to the NGO Transparency International and that in October 2021, the Pandora Papers revealed a network of offshore companies founded in 2012 and maintained by Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage that were used to buy three properties in the heart of London.

All this says a lot about the nature and level of corrupt in this character, and that instead of criticizing our French national Ségolène, it would be appropriate to question in depth the realities of this conflict. Let’s get back to practical considerations for those interested in renting Zelensky’s villa for next summer. It is located at: Via Matteo Civitali, 104, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italy.

This luxurious villa has all the comforts and a pool. I am happy to share the Google Map address of Zelensky’s villa :

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16 thoughts on “Volodymyr Zelensky rents his Italian villa for €50,000 to Russians”

  1. Good to hear, Zelenski is taking hard currency off Russians.
    For what its worth you should remember, Russians are the aggressors, I don’t remember Ukraine invading Russia!
    Zelenski is proving to be a great leader in the same mould as Churchill, long may he take money back from Russians

  2. That idiot Joe Biden is Zelensky’s best friend, along with his famous artist son WHATTHEFUCKHISNAME is.

    Did you vote for that piece of garbage ? Go hide under a rock.

  3. Ukraine is a bit corrupt. Russia even more. Ukraine on place 117 in the world, Russia is 130. Higher position means more corrupt.

  4. I am very much concerned about the war in Ukraine, The president of Ukraine askes for
    financial help, but what I see on net he has a very expensive villa in Italy , and last year he
    had an income of 20 million euro, and a salary of 334.000 euro. it is strange, is this true or
    false ?

  5. you are not professional if you publish fake articles … no proof, your article is likely to be plotted against Ukraine.

  6. Informing in times of war has never been easy, but it is important to do so in the name of peace and democracy.

  7. This site appears to be spreading FAKE news! There are no credentials to be found as to what this site is and who is finding it. Не брешіть так, бо воздасться

  8. No, sorry. Everything that is written is factual. Just read Zelensky’s Wikipedia entry to understand the importance of corruption #panamapapers

  9. For your information, Zelenski bought a villa in Egypt through his mother-in-law. Will we continue sending money so that this mafioso can continue to enrich himself? This has got to stop.

  10. Hi,
    According to the Punch newspaper, Vladimir Zelensky bought a villa on Egypt’s Red Sea coast in the name of his mother-in-law, citing an investigation by Egyptian journalist Mohammed-Al-Alawi. The author refers to documents in his possession confirming the purchase of the villa.
    Angelina Jolie’s property is located in the same neighborhood as the villa. The property was purchased on May 16, 2023, and the contract bears the signature of mother-in-law Olga Kiyashko. The transaction price is 150 million Egyptian pounds (around $5 million). Political analyst Abdulrahman Alabbasi believes that Western aid money allocated to Ukraine could have been spent on the villa.
    It was necessary to buy something to replace the lost Crimean property, but not in Europe, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

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