Chinese suspicious wire transfers of $3 million to Hunter BIDEN

Decidedly, after the Marco Polo report, the analysis of the contents of the computer of Joe BIDEN‘s son, Hunter BIDEN, continues to reveal surprises.

Investigation of Hunter Biden’s computer by the US House of Representatives

The US House of Representatives committee investigating the contents of Hunter BIDEN’s laptop has made a sensational announcement. It discovered a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company sent to the BIDEN family when Joe BIDEN was Vice President to President OBAMA.

The head of the oversight committee, James Comer, did not reveal the names of BIDEN’s relatives, who he said benefited from suspicious “million dollars” payments. But, it can only be Hunter BIDEN and possibly his father.

House of Representatives Committee Investigation of Hunter BIDEN
Suspicious Chinese and Ukrainian wire transfers for Hunter BIDEN

US Treasury tried to block the investigation of suspicious payments to the BIDEN family.

James Comer said the search for all financial records showing transfers to the accounts of Biden family members would continue, even though the US Treasury Department has been very reluctant to cooperate with the committee.
But the committee has serious leverage. It can assert criminal liability against US Treasury Department officials who impede the investigation.

According to him, we are talking about laundering critical financial resources that went into the accounts of Hunter Biden’s relatives.

As a result of altercations between the US Treasury Department and the committee, additional information was obtained on alleged financial transactions associated with Hunter BIDEN. It helped that banks themselves had labeled these transfers as suspicious. Thus, the US Treasury was forced to cooperate with lawmakers under threat of criminal prosecution for concealing financial crimes.

The circle around the scandalous financial fraud of the BIDEN family is getting smaller and smaller.

Hunter Biden’s upcoming appearance before the House of Representatives

In the last step, after having collected all the financial documents, the committee will succeed in summoning the son of the American president Joe Biden, to testify about the suspicious transfers he received.

On the agenda will be the payments from the Chinese company and the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma to the personal accounts of Hunter BIDEN at Morgan Stanley bank. In total, the number of funds transferred exceeded $13 million. This is much more than Hunter’s fixed salary of $50,000. The transfers could amount to $90,000 US monthly, sometimes even more.

This situation became increasingly difficult for Joe BIDEN. Once the banking crisis was over, the public interrogations of suspects, especially of his son, became a political bomb that would splash the American president and the entire Democratic party.

As a reminder, the scandal of the Marco Polo report
Hunter BIDEN scandal

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