Chinese Nice Classification Classe 27 (Goods)

Please find Chinese Nice Classification Classe 27 :

Chinese Nice Classification Classe 27 (Goods)

Serial No.

Basic No.

Indication of Goods



A0439 270003 Artificial turf 人造草皮 人造草皮
A0492 270010 Automobile carpets 汽車用地毯 汽车用地毯
B0170 270001 Bath mats 浴室防滑墊 浴室防滑垫
C0164 270015 Carpet underlay 地毯襯墊 地毯衬垫
C0165 270011 Carpets 地毯 地毯
C0167 270010 Carpets for automobiles 汽車用地毯 汽车用地毯
C0971 270002 Coverings (Floor –) 地毯 地板覆盖物
D0247 270008 Door mats 門墊 门垫
F0318 270002 Floor coverings 地毯 地板覆盖物
G0360 270004 Gymnasium mats 體育館、健身房用墊 体操用垫
G0361 270004 Gymnastic mats 體操用墊 体操用垫
H0084 270013 Hangings (Wall –), not of textile 非紡織品壁掛 非纺织品壁挂
L0255 270014 Linoleum 亞麻油氈 亚麻油毯
M0149 270006 Mats * 墊 * 垫 *
M0151 270017 Mats of woven rope for ski slopes 滑雪運動用繩索編織墊 滑雪场的倾斜铺设用垫子
N0104 270012 Non-slip mats 防滑墊 防滑垫
R0122 270009 Reed mats 蘆葦蓆 芦苇垫
R0364 270011 Rugs* 地毯* 地毯*
S0507 270017 Ski slopes (Mats of woven rope for –) 滑雪運動用繩索編織墊 滑雪场的倾斜铺设用垫子
T0070 270013 Tapestry [wall hangings], not of textile 非紡織品壁掛【壁掛】 非纺织品壁挂
T0536 270003 Turf (Artificial –) 人造草皮 人造草皮
V0147 270016 Vinyl floor coverings 乙烯基製地毯 聚氯乙烯制地板覆盖物
W0028 270013 Wall hangings, not of textile 非紡織品壁掛 非纺织品壁挂
W0039 270007 Wallpaper 壁紙 壁纸

For more information : International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services

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