Template recommendation letter

Du fait de la mondialisation de l’économie, les entreprises deviennent de plus en plus cosmopolites et la langue anglaise est devenue la langue de travail pour beaucoup de salariés.

Dans ce cadre, de la même façon que pour des salariés français, il peut vous être demandé d’apprécier le travail et les résultats d’un collaborateur ou d’un stagiaire et de rédiger une lettre de recommandation en anglais (Recommendation Letter).

Ci-dessous quatre modèles lettres de motivation en anglais pour des Ingénieurs Systèmes et Réseaux (Network engineer ) mais pouvant être parfaitement adaptées à d’autres professions :

Template Recommendation letter

Template Recommendation letter
Template Recommendation letter

1 – Example recommendation letter Network engineer :

To Whom It May Concern :

I write this letter of recommendation for <Name and Surname> and his accomplishments as a network engineer. He has been intern in my team at <Name Enterprise> during <Number> months, from <start date> to <end date>.

<first name> was a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting.

His main attributions were redefining the network monitoring system of the group.

Besides this, <first name> helped on many LAN and WLAN tasks and has successfully completed all he has initiated.

With his relentless motivation and his knowledge of networking, <first name> would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any company he chooses to join and I know he would be an excellent fit for your organization.


<Name and Surname>

WAN Network Engineer, Network & Security

2 – Example recommendation letter Network engineer :

To Whom It May Concern :

I write this letter of recommendation for <Name and Surname> and his accomplishment as a network engineer. He has been intern in my team at <Name Enterprise> during <Number> months from February to July 2014.

He was in charge of redefining our Network Monitoring systems. He had to audit our needs, evaluate the current status of our systems, identify steps to improve them, implement all required changes and make documentation < First name> made all these actions to accomplish the project in a timely manner

Besides this result, <first name> integrated perfectly in my team, he has a great sense of communication

Improvement made by < First name> on our monitoring systems give us more visibility on our network infrastructure health and reduce our time to investigate.

< First name> would be a valuable addition to any company he chooses to join, and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Manager, Network & Security

<Name and Surname>

3 – Example Recommendation letter Network engineer :

To Whom It May Concern :

This is confirm that <Name and Surname> has been working as Linux Engineer in <Enterprise> since <start date> to <end date>.

Every days, we run mission-critical servers for 150+ Chinese Internet & Games company. As trusted experts, we provide excellent service managing every part of customer Internet Infrastructure.

During, his internship, he followed company procedure and finished all tasks and projects given to him, he is hard-working, smart, intelligent and has a sense of humor.

<Name and Surname> was always passionate when learning new skills and knowledge, and demonstrated he was a quick learner. He did fantastic job and I really felt he gave 100 percent to all of this tasks. His personality was not only magnetic but inspiring to myself and those around him.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


Operations Manager,

<Name and Surname>

4 – Example Recommendation letter Network engineer :

To Whom It May Concern :

I had a pleasure of working with <Name and Surname> at <Enterprise> in <city>. Not only did we find him personable and competent, he also displayed a flexibility that made him an asset in several ways.

<Name and Surname> primary responsibility to me was a primary engineering resource on a project involving systems log monitoring, analysis and reporting. As <Enterprise> is developing a large scale distributed infrastructure using open-source software. <Name and Surname> had an opportunity to not just install and configure enterprise applications, he was also required to investigate their features and extensibility, and finally to extend and integrate them in novel ways. Not only were theses efforts successful, but he then went on to document what he had achieved to support its continued use and development.

<Name and Surname> is an accomplished engineer and a good worker. He displayed this repeatedly, from helping when we needed duty engineers to support the operations department to when he was required to explain architectural decisions to the company’s CEO. I recommend <Name and Surname> not only as a creative problem solver with a rigorous approach, but also as a person who can work well unsupervised, in a team and inter-departmentaly.


Senior Linux Engineer,

<Name and Surname>

Pour utiliser et personnaliser ce modèle de lettre de recommandation en anglais, il vous suffit de faire un « Copier-coller » du texte de cet article dans votre traitement de texte (Microsoft Word ou Writer d’Open Office).

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